Google Adwords Advertising

If you’re not on Google Adwords, you should be. It needs to form part of your overall marketing strategy. Pay per click advertising is far more cost effective than traditional advertising, and it means that you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Your ads then click through to your website.

We will run an effective advertising campaign on Google Adwords on your behalf. You will nominate a monthly budget that you are prepared to spend and we will set this up and manage a campaign on your behalf. We charge a management fee of 20% of your budget. For example, if you wished to spend a total of US$ 1000 per month, we would spend approx $ 800 on your ads and charge a fee of $200 per month.

We would setup a new account for you in Google Adwords and load your credit card details, thereby enabling Google to debit you directly for the ads that we run on your behalf. We would then charge you separately for our monthly management fee.

At the end of each month, you will receive a report that shows you the total number of clicks on your ad/s, which means that number of users visited your website. We will also show you other statistics that will be beneficial to your marketing efforts.

Our service is offered on a month to month basis and you are never locked in for any long periods.

Please note: Due to shopping cart restrictions imposed by PayPal and not by us, customers can only purchase one product at a time. This means if you wish to purchase more than one product you need to pay, check out and conclude each purchase separately)

If your total Adspend is US$500, our fee would be US$100

$ 100

If your total Adspend is US$1000, our fee would be US$200

$ 200

If your total Adspend is US$1500, our fee would be US$300

$ 300

If your total Adspend is US$2000, our fee would be US$400

$ 400

You will only be charged our management fee when paying via this site. You will be charged the balance directly by Google.

To start increasing your sales and brand awareness, order your video today by making your payment by clicking here.

Once we receive your payment, an Account Executive will contact you to to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

If you have any quick questions or technical or account related queries, please email us or speak to us via live chat.

Should you wish to setup a meeting with an Account Executive to discuss your project in more detail, please email us.


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