We have created several tools to help with the simplified
management of your company.

In the post Covid 19 workplace, many businesses are looking at ways to adapt and facilitate working virtually. All employees no longer need to commute to a centralized office with the help of our suite of software programs that are designed to assist you to work better with your virtual teams and manage your company’s workflow more efficiently.

We have created various tools to help with effortless, streamlined management. These include –

Outputmaster helps manage productivity and boosts profitability via effective task management. With comprehensive features that allow managers to assign tasks and allocate time based deadlines, you and your team can stay on track and never miss a deadline. 

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E-learning platforms

If you want to take your business online and start teaching, instructing or training, you can do so via either of our options; or

If you are a larger organization that wants your own e-learning platform, you can have your own customised platform on your own domain that we will manage and support on your behalf. See for more details. 

If you are not ready for your own platform and want to get started right away, you can start with, that can have you up and running quickly and via our unique payment plan where we partner with you and accept payment as a percentage of what you get paid! This creates a win/win situation where you only pay when you earn

E-library Pro is an ebook or digital content publishing platform that allows you to deliver and manage digital content with subscribers or members worldwide, on both Windows pc’s and Android mobile phones and tablets.  

If you have students, employees, contractors, subscribers or recipients of confidential information, this systems allows you to control, secure and manage that information. Each user accesses content via a downloadable reader which offers protection against copying and printing and can be disconnected on their term expires or they leave your team. 

Gone are the days of sending confidential pdf’s all over the internet!

See for more details.

Onboarding Solutions offers companies and organizations the ability to train new and existing employees in a seamless and cost effective manner, with the help of our Onboarding platform that offers many exciting tools and features to help your organization achieve this goal.

Our solutions are about minimizing your employee training costs through effective systemization and providing the online tools you need to create an effective onboarding solution for your organization.

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Providing the simplest, easiest-to-use, and cost-effective platform to deliver effective, global customer service by email and live chat.

Discover why live chat and email ticketing help you deliver remote, superior customer service!



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